01 11 / 2010

I’ve started on my crazy meds. They gave me something I can’t pronounce. The side effects scares me beyond belief. I’ve started to do leper checks. I’m scared of a rash.

I got my tattoo. It’s a pink ribbon. It matches Jackie’s and Jodie’s. It’s special to me. Right now it’s gross. I hate the part where it gets all crusty.

BCA Tattoo

I got 2 reviews on deck. One for Mirrors 2 and one on Saw 3D. I have unfinished sculpey in the works but I now have a sealant for them! It’ll make it all shiny!

I want to enter this contest on DA. I think I have a good macro shot that will fit. Might as well. If I don’t win it won’t be the first time my photos have been shot down.

But now it’s The Salem Witch Trials and a little bit of science to ease the crawlies.